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The Williams Family
So im going to use this site very minimally to keep track of my mission. But hey heres a picture of me and Ganimete. Someone who is very special to me and is like a mother to me out here in Nevada. Is Spencer’s email. Send him some love!

He checks his email every Monday and gets an hour to reply to them. 

Spencer has been in Mesquite Nevada for a month now!
This is a picture of him and his companion. He hasn’t told us much of what he’s been doing so far so this is a pretty minuscule update but none the less he is still having a fantastic time!
Also, i’m sure he would love to hear from you guys! 
Elder Spencer Reily WilsonNevada Las Vegas West Mission4455 Allen Ln. Ste 140North Las Vegas, NV 89031-2229United States
Anyone can send me your emails to be updated more constantly on what he is doing and where he is going. 
Here’s a picture of Spencer. He’s in his first area called Mesquite Nevada and its going very well so far according to him. He’s having a great time and sends his love to the internet family. 
Astrid (by Francesco Ormando)
The Art of Getting Lost (by all martn)
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Erin — Brooklyn, February 2013